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Welcome to Biovault

Welcome to Biovault, the UK’s leading and largest private tissue bank.


Biovault is celebrating its first 10 years of successful operation.  They have been 10 years in which we have developed rapidly and in an environment in which the requirement for the banking of human tissue for a wide variety of reasons has increased.  Over this decade the standards required by the sector have been raised significantly and very positively.  Biovault has responded fully and improved significantly, we believe, in every area of our specialised business.

But we are not content to stand still.  As our Mission Statement intimates, we aim to provide the best service by simply being the best in our field.  So, we are celebrating the 10 year point by taking the opportunity to restructure the organisation and to refresh the brand.  This will allow us to present information and services in the most suitable way to the wide variety of customers that take our services. The mum-to-be and the research specialist are equally important to us but have very different requirements.

We have constantly improved every aspect of what we do and we will continue to do so over the next decade.  The core values have not and will not change and we will build and strengthen the current team in order to extend our support to the individuals and organisations that make up our increasing customer base.

We take the responsibility of banking human tissue very seriously and we will build on our ethical approach to the business where the long term safety and security of the tissue we process and store comes first.

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