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The Collaborative Approach

The Collaborative Approach

Tissue banking in the European Economic Community is a Licenced Activity regulated by law.  Compliant tissue banking requires:

  • a detailed understanding of the science behind the processing and storage of human tissue;
  • the development and maintenance of detailed standard operating procedures;
  • the development, validation and monitoring of critically controlled environments;
  • equipment and process validation; and
  • accreditations that result in international recognition of the stored products.

These basic requirements need robust governance and a highly-developed quality management system managed by a quality specialist.  The facility needs staff trained in the specific and unique areas of tissue processing, cryogenic freezing, environmental monitoring, plus the transport of both harvested and cryogenically preserved material.  Physically there has to be a secure environment for the bank, resilient power supplies, complex continuous system monitoring and a robust records system.  This is not an activity well suited to intermittent or fragmented operation, which is why the NHS is increasingly seeking our help with outsourcing.

In reality only an organisation solely in the business of tissue banking can have dedicated staff with the unusual combination of skills required together with the physical and management systems necessary in this complex but very narrow application.  These specialist skills and processes are not readily useful in other facets of an organisation correctly focussed elsewhere in, for example, a clinical facility.

It is extremely difficult to undertake tissue banking in both a compliant and cost-effective way on a small scale.  It is, however, extremely reassuring to actually run a dedicated tissue bank where you retain full control.  We believe that working collaboratively with Biovault can provide the best of both worlds: high quality, cost effective and compliant banking where you determine the level of control you wish to retain.  These benefits apply whether the tissue is destined for therapeutic use, research or for evidential purposes and equally whether Biovault is providing processing and/or storage solutions.  Please contact us if this is of interest on 01752 753 720.

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