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The Benefits

As medical research continues to discover more applications for the body’s cells and tissues, demand for human tissue storage and processing services is expanding rapidly. Thousands of clinical trials are currently underway in the field of regenerative medicine looking at the use of stem cells in conditions as diverse as cerebral palsy, Crohn’s disease, diabetes and the damage caused by myocardial infarctions (heart attacks).

Strong expertise in stem cell recovery

The processing facilities at Biovault have secured the highest published rates of stem cell recovery in the industry, exceeding 95 percent. We handle all samples on site using a combination of manual and automated processes to emulate the volume reduction methods of the world-renowned stem cell scientist, Dr Pablo Rubenstein. Our semi-automated process routinely achieves far higher recovery rates than the fully automated processes used by other tissue banks.

Involvement in research

As the UK’s leading tissue bank, Biovault is playing a key role in the expanding area of clinical practice and research. With a full and unconditional licence from the Human Tissue Authority (HTA) and industry-leading quality management processes, we deliver the best quality services to our partners.

Ethical business practices

At Biovault, we are proud of our highly ethical business practices, which ensure the safety and security of our clients’ samples, both now and in the future. Some tissue banks use funds paid by clients to cover the long-term, future storage of their samples to operate their businesses. Biovault follows a more ethical approach, using only the specific portion of the fee allocated to that year’s storage, with the remaining funds held in an escrow to be drawn down in future years. This unique escrow arrangement protects clients’ samples by ensuring that sufficient funds are always available to cover their full-term storage, safeguarding against economic instability.

Quite simply, Biovault is at the cutting edge. We are unique in the UK – we have an unrestricted HTA licence that permits us to store all types of human tissue and we work for both private and public sector organisations worldwide. Biovault has an unmatched breadth of capability; we process and store human tissue and cells for a wide range of clinical applications and for scientific research, as well as acting as a biorepository for DNA samples.

Setting the standard

Quality is at the heart of Biovault. Our facilities not only meet the high-quality standards demanded by regulators, they exceed them. In a recent report, the Human Tissue Authority, which accredits UK-based tissue banks, described Biovault’s facility as representing the industry gold standard, advising other tissue banks to raise their standards to match ours.

Industry-leading Inventory systems

Over the years, we have developed robust quality management and monitoring processes to ensure the integrity of our tissue samples. Our industry-leading, bespoke inventory system maintains a full and detailed record of all samples that allows for full traceability. Data held for each sample includes information on dates and times of storage, a continuous record of the storage temperature and a full audit trail detailing who has accessed the system and what changes were made. All data is securely held electronically in protected off-site data repositories.


Our expertise is so essential that we also provide consultancy services to laboratories and facilities looking to raise their own standards to an equivalent level.

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