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Tissue Banking

Biovault is licensed for the procurement, processing, storage, testing, import and export of all tissue types for human transplant and all other uses.

The company is a Tissue Bank storing a range of human tissue mainly at cryogenic temperatures of between -180 and -196oC; the company can also store at a range of other temperatures such as +35oC, +4oC, -5oC, -20oC and -80oC.

The company provides facilities for processing of tissue in appropriate pharmaceutical Grade-A clean-room facilities prior to the controlled freezing, where appropriate, to the storage temperature.  The company provides its own, in-house microbiology assessment of both the environmental conditions and blood status and conducts 100% Flow Cytometry testing on blood products, this being quality assessed to internationally recognised standards, in order to provide a report on the suitability of the tissue for transplant.

Biovault is linked to an independent CPA accredited laboratory which undertakes a full suite of serology tests and antibiotic sensitivity analysis.

Biovault Technical Brochure

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