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One prime business strategy established at the outset was that the facilities had to be transposable to support harvesting and transplant at any required location.  The foundation for this lies in two areas.

Firstly, the processing, storage and laboratory areas are based on purpose-designed lightweight structures that can be very quickly established in any suitable secure building; it does not rely on the time-consuming and largely unsatisfactory conversion of existing rooms.  Consequently, a relatively off-the-shelf design and construct process is available allowing facilities to be established quickly anywhere in the world.

Tissue is processed in pharmaceutical Grade A conditions; where required open processes can be undertaken on tissue resulting in the widest range of processes being achievable.  Biovault is not limited by the adoption of fully automated, dedicated equipment but does automate critical parts of its processes.

Resilient supplies are used throughout our facilities and Biovault is not dependent on a mains supply for any critical processes.

Biovault has eliminated all single points of failure.

Advanced security and safety measures have been adopted everywhere.

The best equipment available is researched and then adopted.  The same goes for all consumable items.

Biovault staff are fully trained and licenced to operate prior to being allowed to process unsupervised.  Regular peer group assessment is undertaken and a re-licencing regimen is in place.

Biovault operates under a fully developed Quality Management System which underpins everything we do.

Secondly, the other element of the base business strategy is a fully regulatory compliant management information system which holds both the tissue bank management systems and inventory data.  The system is backed up by an independent commercial data centre and access is via a high speed dedicated internet link.  This allows controlled access from any geographic location allowing the fully accredited management system to be available without further development, a design and accredit once, use many times philosophy.

The company serves a range of national and international clients and has been directly involved in developing Tissue Banks in two European countries outside the UK.

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