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Inventory Software

Quality is at the heart of Biovault. Our facilities not only meet the high-quality standards demanded by regulators, they exceed them. The report from a recent inspection reflected that Biovault has class leading facilities, innovative and highly effective management processes and highly trained, fully engaged staff.

We have to provide our team with the best possible tools in order to provide the level of service demanded by the sector. We struggled to find a fully compliant inventory system, so we commissioned our own. The results, which we call our Management Information System or MIS, really is the heart of our business. The electronic, paperless system records a vast array of information about each sample; how it was processed, what materials we used, which operators were involved, when it was stored, the temperature in the storage vessel, as well as when and who accessed the record; this is truly full traceability. Once scanned into the MIS, all incoming paperwork is secure-shredded for information security and patient confidentiality. The inventory system’s data is heavily protected; the web-based system uses the most secure and resilient web security platform in Europe and is stored at two geographic locations in resilient records databases, each of which has mirrored processes and multi RAID storage devices on multiple servers.

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