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The concept of tissue banking is simple; prepare, freeze and store.  The processes and controls underpinning the simple theory are complex.  Safeguarding human tissue for future use requires the very best processes, the best equipment available, proactive management and a highly trained staff.

These were the founding principles for Biovault and we have always taken a pioneering approach to tissue banking, questioning what is perceived as the norm and developing new approaches. We constantly review and, where required, improve and refine our processes, infrastructure and management techniques all of which have received widespread acknowledgement as leading the sector.

The flexibility of Biovault’s facilities and processes mean that we are able to store and supply a wide range of human tissues and cells for clinical application, medical research and long term archiving.

In summary, Biovault applies consistent, appropriate standards to the processing and/or storage of:

Tissue for Human Application

Tissue for Research

Tissue requiring long term archiving

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