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Working with partners

Biovault is the only tissue bank in the UK providing full tissue banking services for both public and private sector organisations, giving us a breadth of experience our partners value.

Building partnerships

For public sector/NHS bodies, outsourcing human tissue storage and processing is fast becoming a very cost-effective option and Biovault has unrivalled expertise in building successful partnerships. From the start, Biovault was conceived as a reproducible model and, by leveraging our proven expertise, we can create regional tissue banks in your area quickly and cost-effectively, each employing our fully compliant processes and systems.

Working with the UK National Health Service  

Biovault is proud to be the tissue bank for the South-West Peninsula Transplant Service for peripheral blood and bone marrow stem cells transplants based at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth. During our collaboration, we have built a strong relationship with the Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust, expanding the range of services we provide to include the processing and storage of other types of tissue, such as femoral heads for use in surgical hip revisions.

As a private tissue bank working directly with the NHS over a long period, Biovault understands the needs of NHS Trusts and we have developed a flexible, cost-effective service model to meet them. We can establish a regional human tissue storage and processing facility with low start-up costs under our existing licence from the Human Tissue Authority. There is no need to build a bespoke facility as our model can easily convert an existing building to meet the high regulatory standards.

Partnership with Plymouth University  

Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry are strategic partners with Biovault's for the establishment of a Biobank that will support advancement in medical research.

Although in it's early stages of planning,the Biobank will be centred at our facility,  which  is less than a mile from both the Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry and Derriford Hospital. Whilst separate from other services offered by Biovault the new initiative will  have access to the same state of the art facilities and world class operating procedures that have underpinned the success of Biovault.

It is anticipated that this resource will provide opportunities for research that helps develop and accelerate innovation leading to new and improved techniques and/or products for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease.

For more information regarding the lead researchers in this partnership please click on their names below;

Oliver Hanemann

Simon Rule

A global reach

In addition to our expertise in working with public sector organisations, Biovault has extensive experience in working with private companies right across the world. Currently, we work with companies in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia, processing and storing a range of human tissues.

We understand the commercial pressures on private clinics, hospitals and cord blood agencies to deliver great value for their customers and we work hard to ensure that our high-quality storage services are provided at cost-effective prices.

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