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History of Biovault

Biovault Timeline


Biovault incorporated after feasibility study completed


ISO 9001 Accredited

First umbilical cord blood sample stored


Biovault accredited by the MHRA

Biovault embarks on a long term partnership with South West Peninsula Transplant Service (NHS) for peripheral blood and bone marrow stem cell transplants


First HTA license awarded

ISO 13485 Accredited


First HTA site inspection; no conditions added to Licence


Biovault launches its first medical device – Cord Blood Collection Kit

Biovault releases its first Cord Blood sample


Biovault initiates a Middle East and Asia Cord Tissue service.


Biovault starts importing tissue to provide the NHS and private clinics.

Biovault’s own Cord Blood Collection kit is CE Marked.

Biovault is awarded JACIE Accreditation

Biovault applies for HFEA Licence


Biovault launches Cord Tissue Services in the UK

Biovault sets up a partnership in Hong Kong to offer Cord Tissue Services in the region and Far East.

Biovault applies for FDA approval for clinical trial

Biovault Technical Brochure

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