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About Us

Since its creation in 2003, Biovault has been at the forefront of human tissue storage and processing. Demand for our services has grown rapidly and life-changing applications for human cells and tissue have increased significantly.

Biovault now has a strong reputation for standards we apply to the storage and processing of stem cells derived from umbilical cord and peripheral blood, bone marrow, now extending to many types of tissues for human application or transplant.

Biovault is the processing and storage tissue bank for the NHS South West Peninsula Transplant Service for peripheral blood and bone marrow stem cell.  We work in partnership with the NHS for this service and are very proud of the way this genuine partnership has worked. Biovault is JACIE accredited for this service and is the only private tissue bank in Europe to have this accreditation.

In addition to our public sector clients, Biovault also provides services to private sector customers worldwide.

Quality is everything when it comes to tissue and is reflected in everything we do, from the use of the best possible equipment we can acquire, through the extensive training and licencing of our operators before they can process, to the management techniques we have developed and introduce.  We do not want to adopt best practice, we want to lead it.

Words alone cannot confirm this approach.  Our accreditations can and do.  Please take time to browse this section of the website to get a better feel for what we do, how we do it and how we might work with you.

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